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Click here to download the application and promotional materials: Fundraising Info & Contract Packet 2023-2024.

Fundraise with Mo's

Make money with less labor! Mo’s Original Seafood and Chowder in Newport, Oregon now offers our famous fresh clam chowder base to schools and non-profit organizations at a reduced price, which you can sell to make some extra “clams."  

Fundraising with Mo's is fun, delicious and a lot less labor intensive than most fundraisers.

How To Make Some Extra "Clams."

  • Determine how much money you want to make and figure out how many people will be able to help you.
  • Set a reasonable goal for each person (for example 10 quarts per person).
  • Then follow the steps below.

Can’t Wait to Do It Again

4 years ago, our softball team wanted a different local fundraiser and we came across Mo’s Fundraising in a newspaper article. Mo’s Clam Chowder was the answer that we were looking for. This fundraiser is the best by far: Your return + effort = the more profit and Mo’s makes it easy and they are […]

What a Great Fundraiser!

What a great fundraiser for our P.E.O. Chapter here in Bend again last Fall–selling “Mo’s Clam Chowder” base!  It freezes well, so everyone was excited to buy extra for our snowy winter months.  It’s not surprising that the Original Mo’s restaurant on the Bayfront in Newport was named one of the top seafood restaurants in […]

We Do It Every Year

We love our annual Mo’s chowder fundraiser.  It’s such a hassle free, simple way to raise funds for our school.  Who doesn’t want to buy a delicious meal that’s easy to prepare? Most people stock up on extras to freeze.  This fundraiser has a really high level of participation and great sales, and Mo’s makes […]

Best Fundraiser Ever!

Kids love to sell Mo’s chowder because everyone has heard of the brand.  Parents love this one too!!  Easy to get the students excited to sell. Short and sweet (one week) but you earn the money you need! Fills in the gaps in the budgets!  Able to do many enriching activities with the students. Your […]

Mo’s Makes It Easy

The Mo’s Chowder Fundraiser is such an easy way to raise money for our school! People love buying delicious chowder that is so easy to prepare during the busy school year!  It practically sells itself!  And the staff at Mo’s makes it so easy.”

Getting Started

Have some activity that is fun and upbeat when you announce the fundraiser and challenge everybody to participate.

The sale period should be no longer than 10 days. For example, kick off your sale on a Friday and have the first turn in for money and orders the following Friday with a final turn-in on the Monday after. This allows two weekends for sales. Call our office (541-265-7512) to place your order and arrange a pick up date. Please do not email final quart order. Delivery is once a month. You can find school year 2021-2022 delivery dates below. Please allow 5 days for us to fill your order. Picking up your order in Newport can be arranged for any day of the week. You must sell at least 75 quarts to qualify for free delivery.

Our clam chowder base is a quick and easy meal for every day dinner ideas. It is also very popular around the holidays. Think about doing your fundraiser around Halloween, Thanksgiving, holiday parties especially Christmas Eve and New Years. It’s also great for parties at home like Super Bowl or the Civil War Game. Mo’s clam chowder base has a three week shelf life and can be frozen. One quart makes five 10 oz bowls.

When you know your start and end date please sign and fax or send the application and contract back to Mo’s Newport.  FAX: 541-265-9323 or EMAIL: Once your application and contract are received you will get a confirmation email.  If you do not get a confirmation within 48 hours please call our office at 541-265-7512. 


  • Collect the money from customers as they order.
  • Challenge everyone to reach the goal.
  • Use incentives (especially with kids) to reach your goal.

Chowder Day:

  • Order your quarts of chowder base at 541-­265-­7512 Monday –Friday 9 am to 4 pm. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL YOUR FINAL ORDER.
  • Please allow 5 days after scheduled end of the fundraiser for production and packaging.
  • Arrange for pick up at Mo’s Restaurant in Newport.
  • Sell 75 quarts and qualify for free delivery.
  • All deliveries will go out on your chosen delivery date; delivery days are on Wednesdays: 2023 Schedule: Sep 27, Oct 4, Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 15, Dec 6, Dec 20. 2024 Schedule: Jan 10, Jan 24, Feb 7, Feb 21, Mar 6, Mar 20, Apr 10, Apr 24, May 8, May 22, Jun 5, (Break for Summer, Fall 2024 delivery dates are released in August). Other dates and arrangements can be made for special circumstances.
  • Mo’s Clam Chowder base comes in a plastic quart bag with a label and cooking directions. This is a fresh product and must be refrigerated and delivered to buyers the day of delivery or no later than the following day. Mo's clam chowder base has a three week shelf life in the refrigerator.  Can be frozen for up to 3 months. Please be prepared with coolers or refrigerations at the delivery location.

What Does It Cost and How much can you make?

  • Selling price $14.00 per quart.
  • You make $5.00 for every quart you sell.
  • For example if you sell 200 quarts you make $1,000!!!

Incentives From Mo’s…

  • Organizations must sell at least 25 quarts to qualify for incentive program.
  • For every 25 qts sold you earn $10 in gift certificates.

Mo’s gift certificates are good for the purchase of food, beverage or gift shop items. You can redeem them at any Mo’s Restaurant on the Oregon Coast.

Sell at least 75 quarts and qualify for free delivery.  

Contact Information:

For Schools, nonprofits and sports teams please contact:

Gabrielle McEntee

Mo’s Enterprises, Inc.
657 SW Bay Blvd.
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: 541-­265-­7512
Fax: 541-­265-­9323

Click here to download the application and promotional materials: Fundraising Info & Contract Packet 2023-2024.