Menu Section: Mo's Classics

Big Halibut Sandwich

Big Halibut Sandwich 21.95 6 oz. Alaska Halibut Steak lightly breaded and grilled. Served on ciabatta bun with lettuce, tomato and homemade tartar sauce.

Baked Oysters

Baked Oysters 17.95 7 Fresh Yaquina Bay Oysters baked to perfection. Served with Mo’s clam chowder or our original cabbage & shrimp dinner salad and homemade bread.

Seafood Cioppino

Seafood Cioppino 23.95 Yaquina Bay Oysters, Pink Shrimp, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Alaskan Cod and Steamer Clams and Crab Legs simmered in a rich italian sauce topped with parmesan cheese and served with garlic cheese bread.