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Mo’s Restaurant wants to help you make some “Clams…”

Mo’s Original Chowder House in Newport, Oregon now offers our famous fresh clam chowder base to non-­profits at a reduced price, which you can sell to make some extra “clams” for your organization. Pre-­selling Mo’s clam chowder base to family, friends and neighbors can make you a lot of clams.

How To Make Some Extra Clams For Your Organization:

  • Determine how much money you want to make and figure out how many people will be able to help you.
  • Set a reasonable goal for each person (for example 10 quarts per person).
  • Then follow the steps below.

Getting Started:

Have some activity that is fun and upbeat when you announce the fundraiser and challenge everybody to participate.

The sale period should be no longer than 10 days. Do a kick off, for example, on Friday and have the first turn in for money and orders the following Friday with a final turn-­in on Monday. This allows two weekends for sales. Call the office to make your order and arrange a pick up date. We can also arrange to deliver chowder base using a refrigerated truck. Groups that sell at least 100 quarts qualify for delivery.  Delivery fee is $20.00.  We delivery on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Our clam chowder base is a quick and easy meal for every day dinner ideas. It is also very popular around the holidays. Think about doing your fundraiser around Halloween, Thanksgiving, holiday parties especially Christmas Eve and New Years. It’s also great for parties at home like Super Bowl or the Civil War Game. Mo’s clam chowder base has a three week shelf life and can be frozen. One quart makes five 10 oz bowls.

  • When you know your start and end date please sign and fax or send the application and contract back to Mo’s Newport.


  • Collect the money from customers as they order.
  • Challenge everyone to reach the goal.
  • Use incentives (especially with kids) to reach your goal.

Chowder Day:

  • Order your quarts of chowder base at 541-­265-­7512 Monday –Friday 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Please allow 5 days after scheduled end of fundraiser for packing and delivery.
  • Arrange for pick up at Mo’s Restaurant in Newport.
  • Sell 100 quarts and qualify for delivery on a Tuesday or Thursday for $20.00.  
  • Mo’s Clam Chowder base comes in a plastic quart bag with a label and cooking directions. This is a fresh product and must be delivered to customers the day of delivery or no later than the following day. The chowder base has a three week shelf life.

What Does It Cost and How much can you make?

  • Selling price $10.00 per quart.
  • You make $4.00 for every quart you sell.
  • 200 quarts sold equals $2000.00 gross profit and $844.00 net.

Incentives From Mo’s…

  • Top Seller: $100.00 gift certificate
  • #2 Seller: $75.00 gift certificate
  • #3 Seller: $50.00 gift certificate
  • #4 Seller: $25.00 gift certificate
  • 10 at $25.00 
  • Or you can brake down incentives into any increment up to $250.00.  
  • Organizations must sell at least 100 quarts to qualify for incentive program.

Mo’s gift certificates are good for purchase of food, beverage or gift shop items. You can redeem them at any Mo’s Restaurant on the Oregon Coast.

Sell at least 100 quarts and qualify for delivery.  Delivery fee $20.00.

Contact Information:

Mo’s Enterprises, Inc.
657 SW Bay Blvd.
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: 541-­265-­7512
Fax: 541-­265-­9323 office@moschowder.com

Click here to download the application and promotional materials

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